In the summer of 2012, we worked on a pilot project to map the Danish Design Ecosystem at CIID for the Ministry of Business Affairs to help inform the Core committee writing the New Design Policy for Denmark. As part of our detailed research we found some very interesting clusters that had formed due to proximity to large companies investing in design, design-production interdependance or availability of great talent. A […]

In April this year i was invited to give a TED talk at the closing session of the TEDxSummit in Doha, Qatar about a project from Frugal Digital (a research track we run at CIID on innovation for “base of the pyramid” using simple, improvised low cost technologies . It was one of the highlights of this years speaking sessions for me. Ofcourse i have seen countless TED talks online and have […]

Frugal Digital is a research group at CIID that focuses on researching methods and practices around creating digital solutions in low resource settings like that of developing economies. We work on projects to set the framework, create tools and provide inspiration for frugal innovators around the globe. We have written a manifesto and it begins with “Cost is the starting point, social impact is the goal, technology is the medium” We […]

Toyota and CIID’s innovative ‘Window to the World’ interactive vehicle concept won the 2012 Core77 Design Award in the Speculative category. The concept, by engineers and designers from the Kansei* Design Division of Toyota Motor Europe and the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID), aims to re-define relationships between passengers and the world surrounding the vehicle. Using augmented reality, the concept transforms the vehicle’s windows into an interactive surface, giving information about […]

Recently in a conversation with a senior executive at Dong Energy – Denmark’s largest energy company we touched up a very interesting area for designers and data nerds. We started wondering how data visualisation can actually start impacting energy efficiency. Energy is an invisible resource that is offered as an intangible service. Today data about how the distribution patterns, efficiencies and consumption patterns are typically available as numerous data points distributed across multiple systems. Much of the data […]